Our Services

Each Preschool classroom is supported by a teacher credentialed in early childhood education, special education and English language learning. Our preschool team also includes teaching assistants, speech pathologists, a social worker and a psychologist. Our program also has access to an occupational therapist, physical therapist and an early childhood coach. Our preschool model allows for children to grow and learn in a natural, supportive, play based manner where skills are interwoven to support all childrens’ growth and development.

Blended Classrooms: All of our classes are inclusive and support all children through a blended model. We utilize the Creative Curriculum and follow the Early Learning Standards for all children. Specialized services are embedded within the classroom environment.

Dual Language Spanish Classrooms: The Dual Language one-way preschool program is tailored for native Spanish speakers qualifying for English language services. Instruction is primarily in Spanish with exposure to English for building academic and social vocabulary. The Spanish Bilingual teacher facilitates language development in both languages through various activities. The program celebrates Spanish heritage while introducing students to diverse cultures in the Westbrook community. By offering instruction in both languages and fostering a supportive environment, the program aims to develop proficiency in Spanish and English, promoting academic success and cultural awareness.

Itinerant Speech Services: Services are available for students who have a speech language delay that require intervention and support. Students are seen by a speech/language pathologist in their home school in a small group setting or individually.

Preschool students sitting together outside on the playground
Student giving Panda mascot a high-five