Mental Health Matters

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of students and families, we are transforming our caring-adult education program from D34 ParentConnect to Mental Health Matters. We have heard from you that this is the most important topic to our families! Look for a variety of topics, presenters and formats.

January Event

Parenting Through Puberty: Changing Kids in a Changing World

Do you wonder how to open the door for conversation with your child, who seems to be changing rapidly -- and responding with BIG emotions even more rapidly -- who communicates primarily through social media, and who seems to be evolving into someone you aren't sure you really know? Do you need help finding ways to approach them so they actually listen?

You are not alone. 

This presentation is designed to support parents in navigating some of the difficult topics of adolescence, including body changes, emerging sexuality, and increasing peer relationships. Parents will learn concrete strategies to support their child and practice skills to keep communication open.

Presentation Slides:

English    Spanish     Mongolian     Korean


English    Spanish     Mongolian     Korean

Book Recommendations:

  1. Siegel, D. J., & Bryson, T.P. (2012). The whole-brain child. Random House.
  2. Stixrud, W & Johnson, N (2021). What do you say:  How to talk to kids to build motivation, stress tolerance, and a happy home. Penguin Life.
  3. Kennedy, B. (2022).  Good Inside:  A guide to becoming the parent you want to be. Harper.
  4. Lebowitz, Eli. (2021). Breaking free from childhood anxiety and ocd:  A scientifically proven program for parents. Oxford University Press.

2023-24 Programs

Mental Health Matters: For D34 Parents, Guardians & Caregivers

February Event

Restorative Parenting: Restoring Calm & Resolving Conflict at Home

With Meagan Novara

When: Wednesday, February 28

Time: 7-8:30pm

Where: Westbrook School (1333 Greenwood Rd.)

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Looking Ahead

  • February 28: Restorative Parenting: Restoring Calm, Resolving Conflict at Home
  • March: Pathways to Success: A Connected Approach to Mental Health - a virtual panel with D34 school psychologists and social workers + Family Service Center staff

  • May: Family Wellness Fair!

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