Interested in Enrolling in D34 Preschool?

Below are options for enrolling your child in our program:

Developmental Screenings

District 34 conducts monthly developmental screenings for any resident in our school district boundaries. If you are interested in your child participating in a screening, fill out this application, make sure to select "Preschool screening" in the dropdown menu. After you complete the application, the D34 Preschool team will contact you to schedule a developmental screening.

Fee-Based Programming

Enrollment in Preschool may occur at any time based on space availability. Our classes tend to start filling up in the spring for the following fall. Tuition is $2,550 for the 2023-24 school year and $3,800 for 2024-25. Families who meet income guidelines will receive a fee waiver of preschool tuition, which may include free transportation. You can find the application and further information on the District fee page

Special Education Placements

If a child has gone through a screening and an evaluation through the District, they may be eligible for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to address their learning needs. This level of support is dependent on the individual needs of your child.

Screening Process:

Preschool Student Running Jumping
D34 Preschool Field Day
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